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Christmas Quiz riddle Solved resuelto

Feliz navidad aca les dejo algunos el quiz resuelto..

The questions and answers can be seen by clicking here answered, questions below.

Las preguntas y respuestas las pueden ver haciendo click aqui preguntas respondidas:

Which one of these items would you use to wrap up a Christmas present?

Do you know which of these four countries does not celebrate Christmas?

Do you know which cheeky characters did their own retelling of Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’?

Do you know which of these four names is NOT the name of one of the Three Kings?

There is a country in which Santa is called ‘Sinterklaas’, do you know which one?

Christmas hasn’t always been a holiday in the US, do you know which state was the first to declare it an official holiday?

In Scandinavia, they use a special animal called a ‘Julbock’ to decorate their trees, do you what it is?

Do you know the name of the Christmas cake pictured?

The Turner family from Barnsley want to go and see a Christmas pantomime. The family members going are 4 mothers, 4 grand-mothers and 4 daughters. What will be the minimum number of tickets required?

Santa has lots of mixed up socks in his sack! If he has 6 green socks, 4 gold socks, 8 black socks and 2 red socks, what is the minimum he needs to pull out of his sack to get a matching pair?

Jim and Holly are making gingerbread men. It takes them both 2 minutes to make 2 gingerbread shapes. At this rate, how many people are needed to make 400 gingerbread men in 400 minutes?

Dominic, Ralf and Peter have just eaten a HUGE Christmas meal. Dominic now weighs half as much as Ralf, and Peter weighs three times as much as Dominic. Together they weigh 720 pounds. How much does Dominic weigh?

Other quiz:

Welcome to Quiz 38: Christmas Quiz 
What sweet “bread” is traditional around Christmas?

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, the central character, Jack Skellington, is from an imaginary town based on which holiday?

 Which of the following holidays does NOT occur in December?

Complete the lyrics to the popular Christmas song Silent Night: "Silent night, holy night! All is calm..."

What was the first song ever sung in space?

What do children in the Netherlands use instead of stockings at Christmas time?
Poinsettias are a traditional plant found in Christmas motifs and floral displays the world over. Where does this species originate from?

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